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Frequently Asked Questions

What is EdGenio? EdGenio is an application for primary and secondary schools that allows you to personalize teaching for students, simplifies the work of teachers and helps to share information between teachers, school and parents.

What if the school doesn't have enough computers?

From the beginning, we designed EdGenio so that the software could be used on any device (mobile phone, tablet or computer). This is to increase the likelihood that every student will be able to use EdGenio.

What if I lose my phone or computer? What do I need to do to avoid stealing data?

No data is stored directly on the device. Everything is stored and takes place on secure servers, so in case of loss or theft of the device, it is enough to change the password to access the application. You can change the password in the administration of your account.

Should students use technology regularly in their learning?

Technology is an everyday part of the life of each of us and in many professions you wouldn't be able to function without them, so we believe that the use of the strengths of technology has more positives than negatives. We are preparing our kids now for professions that don't exist yet but we believe that technology will be part of most of them.

Is EdGenio in line with GDPR?

Yes, the security of data storage and data transmission has been a priority for us from the beginning. We work with experts to ensure the highest possible data security.

Does the use of technology in teaching always have a positive impact on the quality of teaching?

The main outputs of the report, which draws up 126 rigorous studies on technology in education, show that access to computers and the Internet alone has no impact on improving the quality of learning. But it has an impact on the ability to use technology.

Where the positive impact of technology on the quality of learning and the improvement of student outcomes was demonstrated was for technologies that supported a personalized approach to each student in terms of content and pace at which the student should learn. And that is also how EdGenio is designed.

Source: MIT NewsJ-PAL

Will using EdGenio mean more work for teachers?

On the contrary. One of the goals of the application is to simplify the work of teachers, support the sharing of knowledge and save time so that teachers can dedicate it to a personal approach to students.

How much will a parent pay for using EdGenio?

EdGenio is free for parents. The only time you could pay for the application is when you decide to support the use of the application at your children's school and you want to contribute financially to the school. However, this decision is voluntary and depends on your options.

Do parents have access to confidential school information?

No, parents only have access to information about their children and public messages on the bulletin boards of the classes their children attend.