Do you want an individual approach for your child at school?

Do you think that thanks to distance learning would a more individual approach suit your child? The whole EdGenio application is built with the main goal to personalize learning. It will also help you discover his / her strengths.

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135 seconds is not enough

In an average class of 20 students, the teacher has only 135 seconds for each of them.

Each student advances at a different speed. Fast students are bored and slower students do not have enough time to understand the material. But it is not humanly possible to personalize teaching for each of them. That's why EdGenio is here. 

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Individuální přístup

A truly individual approach

Education is like statistics. A student who has been given two best marks and two worst ones will go through the subject with a triple. But when he/she continues his/her studies, he/she doesn't understand half of what he/she was supposed to learn at all.

EdGenio allows each student to be approached individually. Students repeat more the topic they haven't quite understood yet vice versa. On topics where students are strong will be moved towards more difficult tasks. All this in a fun way and with a focus on developing skills such as teamwork, responsibility and independence.

I see the biggest problem in the fact that it is not important for the school whether the children understand things. They just have to learn mechanically, pass the test and they’re done. But they will not take anything out of it for life.

Vlastimil P - otec dvou dětí

Vlastimil P., father of two

You will see detailed results of your child

Tests, tasks, quests. We will show you what he/she did well and which topics he/she needs to repeat.

In addition to a detailed overview of the results, you will also receive other specific information, such as which questions were the most difficult for your child.

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We will create a strengths map from the results

A map that captures your child’s strengths is created on an ongoing basis. It is updated with each task submitted and quest won or lost.

You will gain a more detailed insight into your child’s abilities

You will learn, for example, whether your child is a team player, whether he/she is responsible, how he/she helps others or whether he/she makes enough effort.

Did you know that effort is one of the most important skills? The best students in the world do not differ from others with higher IQ. IQ is up to the fourteenth most important feature. Factors such as inner motivation, discipline, repetition, practice, endurance, and especially effort play a far greater role.

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Does your school not use EdGenio yet? Let them know about us. If you have any questions, leave us a message.