EdGenio helps connect schools and teachers

Your teachers will use materials from colleagues from other schools, students from other schools will learn from you. Plus you get a better overview of what’s going on in your school.

Online soutěž

Maintain continuity and make it easier for new teachers to join

All results, materials and progress of students in the class is thoroughly saved. With the departure of the teacher, you will not lose any information and the new one can follow exactly where the previous one ended.

Sharing materials in between your teachers will make it easier for new teachers to join. A shared environment naturally helps teamwork.

Škola - přehled třídních statistik
Studenti personalizované procvičování

Fun and learning instead of work

Both weaker and more able students will receive tailor-made help. In addition, in a friendly way and in an online environment that is close to them.

Math genius is bored during class? He/she will see harder exercises to develop this strength. He/she needs more time in chemistry? No problem. They will exercise more on easier tasks.

When building practicing features we were inspired by the Spaced Repetition model. Students can easily prepare for an upcoming test but that’s not all. Important information will be kept in their long term memory.

Even more information for parents

Parents will have an overview of all the results of their child. In addition, they will gain access to a map of strengths, which is updated with each task submitted and won or lost competition.

Lazy, distracted, unable to remember anything – that is how Albert Einstein was being described during his studies. The seemingly most annoying traits of your child can be a reflection of his/her strengths. And we will help you find them.

Parents will find out if their child is a team player, if he/she is responsible, how he/she helps others or if he/she makes enough effort.

Rodiče mají přístup k výsledkům svých dětí
Škola - přehled výsledků studentů

More open to others, more data for you

You can easily share your knowledge and experience with other schools, and strengthen your relationships with them.

In addition, you will get a better overview of what is happening at your school. Watch how student results and teacher activity change. For example, we will show you which teachers have the greatest influence on teaching.

Better working conditions for teachers

Teachers will get ready for their classes faster, spend less time on unimportant tasks and can enjoy the work again.

Teachers can share presentations, documents, photos and practice card packages with each other. And not only within the school, but also throughout the country and the world.

Tests, homework or quests can then be easily created automatically from selected decks of cards.

Učitelé - sdílení materiálů

„We understand that it is very difficult to build an individual approach between one teacher and thirty students, and we know that there is a shortage of teachers. We don’t understand why teachers have such low salaries when it wouldn’t work without them. But we are afraid it won’t work without an individual approach. When a teacher approaches a student individually, they build a relationship and the student will learn better.“

Anička a Ema

Anička a Ema, students

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