Learning was never more fun than now

You can learn and have fun with your classmates at the same time.

Online soutěž

Mobile will be your digital workbook

EdGenio is not just a website but also an application, so it is always with you. You will have everything that your teacher gives you, tasks, tests, documents, presentations, exercises, etc. with you all the time. There is also the opportunity to practice anything you are interested in or need to know.

Studenti - testy
Studenti - soutěž

You will learn to work in a team

One way to practice the material is to play team games that you can play with your classmates. Teachers can also give you group work or assignments. In the future, the ability to work in a team is quite important, especially for functioning at work.

You are learning at a pace that suits you

All exercises are tailored specially for you, your knowledge and pace and what you need to practice. Everyone is individual, has different needs, and we believe that everyone can achieve good results when approached individually.

Studenti personalizované procvičování
Studenti - hra

You will conquer new territories

The practice game works in the way of conquering territories. Each topic you want to practice has its own field divided into territories that you will conquer if you answer the questions correctly. Try to answer the questions as quickly and accurately as possible before your opponent.


School is such a mass production for people. Everyone learns the same thing and no one takes our hobbies and talents into account.

There is too much to learn in most subjects and most students are not even interested. I understand that the basics have to be, but then it should be up to everyone who enjoys it and what he wants to improve further.

Anička a Ema

Anička a Ema, students

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