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The less time you spend on not important tasks, the more you can devote it to students. Build relationships and motivate students to be more responsible and better team players.

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135 seconds is not enough

In an average class of 20 students, the teacher has only 135 seconds for each of them.

Each student advances at a different speed. Fast students are bored and slower students do not have enough time to understand the material. But it is not humanly possible to personalize teaching for each of them. That's why EdGenio is here. 

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Individuální přístup

A truly individual approach

Education is like statistics. A student who has been given two best marks and two worst ones will go through the subject with a triple. But when he/she continues his/her studies, he/she doesn't understand half of what he/she was supposed to learn at all.

EdGenio allows each student to be approached individually. Students repeat more the topic they haven't quite understood yet vice versa. On topics where students are strong will be moved towards more difficult tasks. All this in a fun way and with a focus on developing skills such as teamwork, responsibility and independence.

What would make the life of a teacher easier is a better and more user friendly tool for teaching.

Tereza V - učitelka

Tereza V., teacher (Slovakia)

Create homework, tests, quizzes and share materials

You can create tests and homework manually according to your needs. Or you can have them created automatically from selected decks of cards.

Students can use decks to practice specific topics. We shuffle the cards according to their results so far.

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Track student results and progress

Homework, tests and competitions are evaluated automatically. Study the answers of individual students or see an overview of the results of the whole class. Everything together in one place.

Teach in an interactive way

Launch an online quest right in the class. Each student can compete for themselves or you can divide them into groups. Simply generate questions and you can play with a few clicks.

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Share materials across the country or the whole world

Join forces with other teachers and create the best study materials not only for your class, but for students from all over the world. Plus, you’ll save time. You can share presentations, documents, photos, as well as packs of practice cards.

Make planning and preparation for lessons easier 

Don’t want to spend time preparing materials before each hour? Create your entire course with materials for lessons ahead and return to them when the right time comes. You can also use the course for several classes at once. So you don’t have to duplicate work or spend time copying assignments.

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Evaluate with more freedom

Based on many debates with students and teachers who shared the desire for more freedom in grading, we decided to inspire abroad and use 0-100% as a basic scale for evaluation.

The primary inspiration for us was Iceland, but this scale is used in many countries around the world, such as Canada, Germany, Estonia or Japan.

The wider scale gives more space and freedom to both teachers and students. You can also supplement the percentage rating with a verbal rating.

Tell your school about us

Does your school not use EdGenio yet? Let them know about us. If you have any questions, leave us a message.